2018 Rowbot Nitrogen Field Trials

We have several field trials underway in Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Our goal with these innovative trials is to push the envelope on driving farmer profitability by adjusting the timing and rate of nitrogen applications. Look for more on the results after harvest in October / November.

Here's a video of our prototype machine applying nitrogen on a field in north-central Iowa. The machine is traveling at just under 4 mph, and I'm chasing after it with one hand in the air holding my phone to capture video and the other hand holding the throttle down. As the "safety driver" this summer, I logged many miles in this manner--usually with my spare hand keeping corn leaves out of my face.

The self-driving tech is keeping it nicely centered in the row. Note that the white GPS receiver stands at six feet off of the ground.






And another video as I wrapped up a long day treating 30 8-row strips (300 feet long) on each of two fields at our test location in Rosemount, MN.