The Rowbot story in four minutes at the 2018 Google Demo Day!

This year, Google for Entrepreneurs brought 11 companies from the Americas to San Francisco to pitch as part of Google Demo Day. Thanks to a nomination from our friends at Fueled Collective in Minneapolis, Rowbot made the cut and was able to take part in this fantastic event. See the video below for what the Rowbot story looks like when forced within a four-minute timeline, complete with a loud gong if we lost track of time! Many thanks to Kyle and the team at Fueled Collective, who also provided invaluable pitch help from master storytellers Chris and Jeff with Narrative Pros, Becca and the Google for Entrepreneur's team, the judges for their great questions, all of the amazing people representing the other teams who made it a special experience, and the pitch-whisperer, Ginny Brown for coaxing the best possible performance out of us all.