ROWBOT featured on This Week in Startups

I was recently interviewed by Jason Calacanis on his show, This Week in Startups. It was a great opportunity to discuss our view of the future, which is that small, autonomous machines will play a large role in carrying out in-season work for crops like corn. Plus, these small platforms will be key for collecting actionable data on farms, whether to improve the job to be done that day, or to help farmers make better decisions later that season and beyond.

The real magic of small machines designed to work throughout the growing season (think fleets of small, between-row machines that operate regardless of crop height) is that farmers will have repeated opportunities during the growing season to adapt their management to actual growing conditions that season.

While the Buffetts (Howard G. and Howard W.) are spot on in arguing that farmers have historically had 40 Chances to produce a great crop, we believe that farmers of the future should have many chances to improve a crop within a given growing season. We expect iterative improvements in other industries--why not in farming? ROWBOT has the platform that can deliver on this promise.