ROWBOT featured in a Beck's PFR Report

Earlier in 2016, the team behind Beck's Practical Farm Research (PFR) reached out asking if we could take part in a seeding trial. That led us to the outskirts of Indianapolis during early September to lay down cover crop seed using the ROWBOT platform.

As is outlined in the great video (below) produced by the PFR team at Beck's, they wanted to compare results from a simulated aerial application, seeding with a drill after corn harvest, and a high-quality broadcast seeding by our ROWBOT platform.

They'll be collecting data and imagery from the trial, which we'll post here. Sounds like the stand resulting from the ROWBOT is quite uniform compared to the simulated aerial seeding. As expected, the drilled seeding is very uniform, but its growth was delayed by several weeks given that they had to wait to do that seeding until after the corn was harvested.