Rowbot in the field

During July and August, the Rowbot was at work for a number of farmers in Minnesota and Illinois. Quite a few farmers and others in the ag sector stopped by to have a look at what's next on the farm.

In test-marketing fields for paying customers through our channel partners, Rowbot applied nitrogen fertilizer in Minnesota during the prime in-season nitrogen window. This year, this new, height un-constrained feeding of the corn was especially welcome given the high N losses after heavy spring rains. Although every year won't be this wet, many corn farmers commented how this year highlighted the cost, yield, and stewardship benefits of spoon-feeding corn - using Rowbots!

Rowbot also demonstrated cover crop seeding into tall corn during August, both in Illinois and Minnesota. Farmers, agronomists, and soil scientists eager for cover crop inter-seeding that makes sense gave the Rowbot (and us!) a warm welcome. The photo below is our prototype configured for cover crop seeding, as well as a picture of cover crop germination on a field four days after Rowbot seeded it with a grower-selected mix.

Photo credits: Dean Thomas

Photo credits: Dean Thomas